June 26, 2023

ConverSight GPT For Finance Leaders

ConverSight GPT For Finance Leaders

Businesses are drowning in data and finance leaders are often at the center of its analytics to understand cash flow, margin fluctuations and overall performance metrics of the business.. While your organization may be capturing mass amounts of data (and spending millions at the same time), 80% of business decisions are made without insights. What’s more, 60% of data captured is never used by business users, leading to siloed information and a lack of insight across the board. While you wait weeks for reports, the markets and your business itself may have changed drastically. 

Finance leaders are increasingly relying on AI to help manage, access, and employ their data for better insights and decision making. Questions such as, “What’s my inventory turnover ratio?” and “Which products are pulling our margins down?” can shed critical insight into areas that need to be addressed. Advanced technologies like generative AI and AI assistants are also freeing up accounting and finance leaders time tremendously by automating time consuming tasks while reducing human error. Read on to discover how ConverSight GPT provides finance leaders with crucial context and data storytelling.

With the power of unified analytics, businesses tear down silos to open lines of visibility across the organization to improve decision making across departments and roles. Sales Managers can accurately forecast sales, track pipeline, and visualize the customer and product segments with GPT and 1:1 interactions with AI. Sales and financial leaders can get instant visibility around product inventory, sales, and service performance data to easily monitor what is happening on the ground level in real-time, and make changes where necessary.

1.) Easy access and insight helps to decrease unsold accounts, and automate tasks that would normally take hours or days to complete, such as placing orders, creating quotes, and sales reporting.

2.) Track margin erosion, cash flow and spending in real-time and visibility on cash flow projections based on planned spend, sales, current inventory and operational expenses

3.) The Finance Control Tower provides further insight across departments and siloed data, including Revenue vs. Cost of Goods insights, and departments that are eating up resources and the bottom line

Modern finance leaders require instant insights to monitor margins and control cash flow. With ever-changing consumer trends and global landscape, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of your data at all times – but GPT, combined with automation, can provide the end-to-end visibility that leaders require.

ConverSight GPT can reduce report creation costs by automating insights and storyboards, cutting down on costly resources such as hiring data scientists and engineers. Operational costs can be lowered month-to-month by employing AI and gaining insight across departments and users. 

Trying to make sense of the generative AI buzz and how it applies to your business and ROI? Request a demo to see how ConverSight GPT can automate your financial operations and provide instant insight.

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