March 2, 2023

Supply Chain Visibility Software

Starting with Supply Chain Visibility Software

As supply chains become more technologically advanced, implementing supply chain visibility software into your systems is a step in the right direction. Supply chain visibility tools give businesses access to end-to-end tracking of materials and goods from start to finish, improving the overall transparency of the supply chain. Real-time visibility helps supply chains monitor inventory levels which can result in an increase in profits and a decrease in material and shipping delays. 

Why is supply chain visibility important?

1.) 360° Tracking 

Supply chain visibility software are computer technologies that allow businesses to monitor and manage incidents across the supply chain in order to plan and predict their activities more effectively and prevent future problems. Supply chain visibility provides businesses with the ability to track items or stock in transit giving them visibility to not only the inventory but an inside look at all of the supply chain activity. This directly increases visibility and helps mitigate risk while increasing efficiency.  

2.) Minimize Disruptions

In 2022, 67% of organizations reported implementing digital dashboards into their supply chains for end-to-end supply chain visibility. These same companies were 2 times less likely to avoid disruptions in 2022 that lay within supply chains. Having the incorporation of AI into their practices ultimately guided them with constant real-time supply chain visibility. 

3.) Mitigate Risk

Supply chain visibility solutions are providing supply chain operations with full transparency which in turn mitigates risk. With accurate updates on shipping and the creation of goods, supply chains can better satisfy the needs of their customers by fulfilling their wants and needs. 83% of supply chain managers described that the footprint resilience measures they have taken over the past two years helped them minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions in 2022.

The benefits of supply chain visibility software 

There are many benefits that come with full supply chain visibility. This process enables supply chains to mitigate disruptions and improve customer satisfaction. Without it, supply chain production issues and compliance failures could arise, sending your supply chain toward a crisis. However, with supply chain transparency software, you will have the ability to:

  • Quickly respond to problems with efficient strategies
  • View product quality and performance 
  • Decrease costs
  • Predict future hiccups to mitigate risk 
  • Provide real-time data 
  • Increase customer service + satisfactory


All of these benefits will lead your supply chain above its competitors and transform your supply chain!
As outside challenges add more pressure to supply chains than ever, business leaders are needing a real-time, accurate picture of their business in order to navigate issues and grow.  Improve your bottom line today with supply chain visibility software. Your business will see growth in no time. Interested in starting today? Request a demo and start your journey toward a transparent and efficient supply chain.

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