Tire Manufacturer Gains Supply Chain Visibility With AI

See how a world-leading tire manufacturer obtained automated and proactive insights into their supply chain.

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End-to-end supply chain visibility & forecasting for proactive insights and automation



reduction in manual data gathering



improvement in inventory at distribution center



increase in customer satisfaction



increase in on time performance

Key Outcomes
  • Increased collaboration between Sales & Distributors
  • Control over sales channels with integrated performance analysis
  • Instant, proactive decision making


A world-leading manufacturer and distributor of tires was experiencing difficulty obtaining insights into their supply chain. A Sales team of 200+ depended upon the forecast to sell product and drive the top line. The supply chain team was constantly connecting the dots between disparate systems including Production, Warehouses and Business for allocation of inventory and avoiding excess inventory.

Addressing their need for supply chain visibility, the customer required a solution that could connect the dots between their disconnected systems and provide insight for better decision making. With ConverSight, the client optimized their inventory and increased customer satisfaction.


ConverSight delivered smart forecasting & visibility into the customer’s procurement network, automating tasks and giving decision makers access to real-time data. Increased collaboration allowed users of all levels access to data to make informed decisions.

Increased Collaboration – With ConverSight, the customer was able to increase collaboration between their Sales and Distributor teams, cutting down on siloed information and democratizing critical information.

Integrated Performance Analysis – Control over sales channels with information from across your supply and procurement networks, as well as forecasts for each.

Instant decision making – Reduction in time spent generating analytics, leading to instant decisions made with accurate and proactive recommendations.


ConverSight provides companies with complete visibility over supply chains and procurement, giving leaders time and insight to make accurate decisions. ConverSight minimizes disruptions and monitors developments in real time with custom reporting and dashboards.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Proactive Insights & Visibility: ConverSight provides insights into sales forecasts vs. allocations for improved inventory management and analysis.
  • Automation & Alerts: Seamless deployment of ConverSight’s Conversational Analytics solution to analyze any KPI & get automated alerts on shortages, along with SKUs that can be cross-sold.
  • Collaboration & Sharing: Sales and other teams can quickly review information & insights, and share with distributors.

For more information about how ConverSight can optimize your supply chain, request a demo today.

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