Medical Products Producer Improves Purchase Order & Manufacturing Cycle Time

See how the industry-leading producer of inorganic membranes and filtration products improved their purchase order and manufacturing cycle times.

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Automated insights and heightened collaboration for improved purchase order and manufacturing cycle time



reduction in PO fulfillment delay



reduction in PO and MO cycle time



decrease in month-to-month costs



decrease in report creation costs

Key Outcomes
  • Decision cycle time was substantially reduced.
  • Improved visibility into purchase order management.
  • Control over spend allocation and analytics.


The industry-leading producer of inorganic membranes & filtration products was experiencing long purchase order cycle times due to international shipment lags. Delayed purchase orders (PO) and inventory led to manufacturing delays and labor inefficiencies. The company needed to improve manufacturing cycle time and purchase order cycle time to meet sales order demands, improve revenue and reduce costs. Higher visibility on delayed and late PO fulfillment was required in order to address the growing manufacturing cycle times and meet sales demands

With the addition of ConverSight, the customer was able to increase collaboration amongst teams, giving insight across the business to key stakeholders. ConverSight also provided predictions and projections on delayed and late PO’s, giving a heads up to stakeholders and inciting responsive action.


ConverSight increased visibility, leading to improved PO and MO cycle time through self-service reporting with ConverSight’s AI assistant, Athena.

Reduced decision cycle time – With ConverSight, the customer reduced their decision cycle time, acting on key data and insights instantly without hesitation.

Improved Visibility– Detailed visibility into purchase order management, leading to a reduction in delays.

Spend Allocation – The customer gained control over their spend allocation, leaving the guessing game in the past as they moved forward with accurate insights and knowledge over where to allocate resources.


ConverSight sifts through the noise to deliver accurate and proactive insights on purchase and manufacturing order cycles, giving users full view of their processes and when to execute orders, which are then automated.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Automated Insights: ConverSight provides proactive insights into average PO cycle time by vendor and product so POs can be placed well ahead of time.
  • Predictions and Projections: Produces key metrics and proactive insights on delayed and late POs in real-time to allow for consistent follow u p or mitigation planning in order to meet manufacturing and sales demands.
  • Collaboration: Users can review information and share across teams.

With the adoption of ConverSight, distributed teams were able to align, enabling cross functional empowerment, visibility & collaboration.

For more information about how ConverSight can slash inventory costs and reduce stockouts, request a demo today.

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