Medical Products Producer Gains Advanced Inventory Visibility and Product Tracking

See how a global medical products producer obtained complete inventory visibility and reduced costs.

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Automated processes and inventory control for enhanced inventory visibility



reduction in inventory costs



reduction in aging inventory



decrease in month-to-month costs



decrease in stockouts

Key Outcomes
  • Insights into historical and seasonal trends to decrease aging inventory
  • Automated processes to lower costs
  • Increased communication between vendors for optimized procurement


A global provider of visual medical products and services was challenged with a high volume of distributed data sets, while also experiencing extreme changes in demand due to seasonal fluctuations. With the traditional, manual processes in place, decision makers were working with outdated and incorrect data leading to costly inefficiencies and poorly stocked service locations. The company needed a clear, consolidated view of all regions and location-level details in one place.

With the addition of ConverSight, the customer gained advanced inventory visibility into every corner of their supply chain, giving stakeholders a view into their procurement and other operations at a moment’s notice.


ConverSight provided real-time inventory visibility into aging products, as well as products with high margin erosion and products with low levels. ConverSight gave power to stakeholders to automate processes and streamlined the inventory control process.

Proactive Insights – ConverSight provided automated and proactive insights across the resource network, giving insight into historical and seasonal trends that affect output, decreasing the aging inventory on hand.

Automated processes – ConverSight’s AI assistant Athena automated processes within the organization, giving time back to employees and lowering costs.

Increased Collaboration – The addition of ConverSight’s platform increased collaboration between vendors for optimized procurement schedules.


ConverSight jumped in to automate processes and give inventory visibility to the customer.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility: ConverSight delivers real-time visibility into aging inventory and inventory levels across products and services for optimized inventory management and planning.
  • Automated Processes: Automated manual processes to free up resources for overall improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Inventory Control Process: Streamlined the inventory control process between vendors.

With the adoption of ConverSight, distributed teams were able to align, enabling cross functional empowerment, visibility & collaboration.

For more information about how ConverSight can slash inventory costs and reduce stockouts, request a demo today.

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