Optimized Fulfillment for Market Basket Analysis

A novelty gifts producer and distributor needed to reduce shipments and improve on-time delivery by consolidating products across distributed warehouses.

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Real-time visibility and Market Basket Analysis for optimized fulfillment



increase in on-time deliveries



reduction in split shipments



decrease in monthly shipment costs



decrease in stockouts

Key Outcomes
  • Visibility into buyer demand and trends to accurately forecast product levels.
  • Better understanding of consumer purchasing patterns to drive sales and promotion.
  • Reduced shipments and improved on-time delivery by consolidating products across distributed warehouses.


Case Studies

A leader in novelty gifts production and distribution was struggling to fulfill orders on-time while experiencing a higher amount of spilt shipments that increased their shipping costs. Due to a lack of visibility of available products in different warehouses, each warehouse had the wrong combination of SKUs and volumes of products

With a desire to shore up their shipping and fulfillment processes, the customer was looking for a platform that could perform Market Basket Analysis, and give them visibility into buyer demand, trends, and other key components.


ConverSight delivered in-depth Market Basket Analysis and visibility, analyzing demand and commonly sold goods to deliver real-time and valuable insight.

Buyer Demand and Trends – With ConverSight, the customer was able to see buyer demand broken down by product and trends in their sales cycles.

Understanding consumer purchasing patterns – ConverSight provided a platform to help the customer understand their own customer’s purchasing patterns top drive sales and promotions for their top line revenue.

Reduced shipments & improved on-time delivery– Armed with actionable insights from ConverSight’s AI assistant Athena, the customer was able to reduce their shipment count and improve their on-time delivery by consolidating products across distributed warehouses.


Buyer demands and trends can be a hard thing for a business to understand, but with ConverSight, users gain access to real-time and actionable information with key metrics on how to address demand.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Market Basket Analysis: ConverSight analyzed 24 months of demand to deliver market basket analysis and identify commonly sold goods by consumer & location.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Delivered real-time visibility into aging inventory levels of all products for optimized inventory management.
  • Proactive Insights : Produced key metrics and proactive insights on inventory for reduced inventory costs.

With the adoption of ConverSight, distributed teams were able to align, enabling cross functional empowerment, visibility & collaboration.

For more information about how ConverSight can slash inventory costs and reduce stockouts, request a demo today.

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