Aug 3, 2022

ConverSight Partners with mySibi for Real-Time Inventory Visibility and Optimized E-Commerce Operations

INDIANAPOLIS (August 3, 2022) — ConverSight, an artificial intelligence and adaptive analytics company, announced today their partnership with mySibi, the first online marketplace to source all B2B food ingredients for ingredient sellers to distribute via e-commerce.

As business owners navigate fluctuations in supply and demand, the focus on inventory optimization for conserving products and resources is paramount in successful business operations. Leaders are turning toward advanced technologies like artificial intelligence to gain control of inventory to ensure the right amount of products are at the right place, at the right time. This partnership will provide advanced inventory visibility to mySibi customers, setting a new operational standard for the e-commerce ecosystem.

“mySibi is excited to announce our partnership with ConverSight, an adaptive analytics company transforming how businesses make data more actionable.

Deciphering and making sense of your data will always be a differentiator to successful ventures. Having a partner like ConverSight will give our CPG founders the ability to have much more personalized conversations with their data. The constant uncertainty in the food ingredient industry mandates companies to have actionable data that they can rely on, and we know our network of founders will be able to scale utilizing these great tools offered by ConverSight,” said Kevin Natale, co-founder of mySibi.

With this partnership, sellers will gain access to:

  • Visibility of buyer demand and trends to accurately forecast product levels, analyze buying patterns and plan for the future
  • Optimized inventory levels with a 360-degree view of non-moving products, stockouts and overstocks
  • Highly scalable and customizable capabilities to meet the needs of customers

ConverSight’s AI assistant, Athena, works around the clock to provide business users with valuable insights on the metrics that matter most. Athena delivers data insights throughout the day for better decision making based on real-time information while removing dependency on IT teams or a single staff member. Together with mySibi, ConverSight will aid in optimizing the e-commerce experience for US ingredients buyers and will streamline the end-to-end distribution of seller’s products. 

ConverSight connects with existing data systems and is immediately available to provide advanced inventory management capabilities.

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Founded in 2017, ConverSight, humanizes the interaction between computer systems and the users. The artificial intelligence and analytics-based platform uncovers actionable business insights for enterprises through natural language conversations. Digital analytics, AI and business insights are becoming a key differentiator in the supply chain space and supply disruptions are rewriting the rules of the game. ConverSight comprehensive platform empowers users to engage with systems using simple dialogue, enabling organizations to make informed and accurate decisions through Natural Language Conversational Interaction. To learn more, visit


Founded in 2021, mySibi, has simplified the sourcing process for new CPG entrepreneurs and manufacturers. The old fragmented model within the food industry has been stifling to new entrants in the market; utilizing this digital solution has opened up the doors to innovation both for new CPG founders and innovative ingredient suppliers. Disrupting our industry and creating transparency within the supply chain will promote new partnerships up and down the supply chain of our industry. The mySibi community of suppliers, service providers, and CPG founders has brought a new digital solution to the food ingredient industry. To learn more, visit

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