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Cut PowerBI Spend by 50% and Get More, for Less

Why choose ConverSight over PowerBI? ConverSight goes beyond static visualizations to deliver a 1:1 personalized interaction with data for faster, smarter decision-making. All at a fraction of the cost!

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conversational insights

Advanced analytics that is everything but complex

Athena is the AI-assistant you can’t live without. With Athena, users can have 1:1 interactions with their data by asking simple (and complex) questions. Athena goes a step further to suggest additional insights to explore related insights, recommend next steps and automate time-consuming actions.

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increase in productivity



decrease in report creation costs



decrease in time spent in ad hoc queries

Why teams choose ConverSight vs PowerBI

Gain instant insights in a 1:1 interaction with your data

Getting insights from data has never been easier, guaranteed. Athena delivers custom reports, predictive insights, and AI-powered recommendations in a simple QA interaction resembling ChatGPT. The user-friendly interface makes it easy and intuitive for anyone to access insights for smarter decision-making.

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Move beyond static reporting and visualizations

While PowerBI is known for data visualization, modern businesses require more than a set of dashboards. In today’s fast-paced landscape, you need proactive insights that are available 24/7, as well as AI-powered recommendations tailored to your specific role, enabling you to make quicker, data-driven decisions.

Connect disparate systems to centralize information

Unlike Power BI, ConverSight supports 130+ integrations, including cloud databases via API integration, enabling you to analyze patterns across all your data sources. As a result, you gain insights that were previously hidden in siloed data sources, leading to better-informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of your data.

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Your all-in-one data analytics tool

ConverSight centralizes data storage, data exploration, data science and data visualization into a single platform, saving your business countless resources and the headache of juggling multiple tools.

Say goodbye to sky-high analytics costs

Why overpay for insights? ConverSight’s scalable solution and unmatched cost savings means you’ll maximize your ROI without sacrificing on quality or features.

With ConverSight, you get an
all-in-one data analytics tool.

Actionable Insights for Enterprise

See why business leaders choose ConverSight over Tableau.

Customers powered by ConverSight

Sonic Tools USA.

ConverSight was able to supplement practically all of the shortcomings we found with our existing inventory management system, especially in the areas of reporting, forecasts and analytics. Our company became an expert in retrieving data to make information- based decisions.

Galen Hagerty IT Systems Admin

Extract Companies

ConverSight provides our sales team with data driven insight to pre-emptively target customer demands based on what Athena recommends.”

Chris A. President

Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital

ConverSight’s analytical capabilities and data management plays a critical role in developing agility within our supply chain ecosystem.

Kiran Narayan VP Supply Chain Operations

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