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Easily build and execute Machine Learning flows with ConverSight’s AI Workbench.

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ML Ops - Models

Maintain Your Model with Ease​

Experience simplicity in model creation with our Low-Code environment. ConverSight’s versioning feature makes maintaining models a breeze and effortlessly tracks performance while identifying any model drift. It’s easy, efficient and innovative, all at your fingertips.

ML Ops - Models

Bring Your Own Model ​

Integrate your own models seamlessly into ConverSight, leveraging its open platform architecture that encourages flexibility and customization. ​

ML Ops - Cluster Culling

Setting up clusters is made easy and straightforward. You won’t need to navigate complex processes or configurations, ConverSight ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to get your clusters up and running in no time.​

ML Ops - Cluster Management

Manage your clusters seamlessly without the need for extensive manual interventions. ConverSight streamlines the management process, providing a user-friendly interface for monitoring, adjusting and optimizing your clusters with minimal effort.​

ML Ops - Cluster Scheduling

Experience optimized resource allocation and scheduling within your clusters. ConverSight ensures efficient use of computing resources, making sure the scheduled flow works in a way that maximizes performance and minimizes downtime.​

ML Ops - Cluster Culling

Automatically identify and eliminate unused or idle resources within the specified termination time frame in your clusters, reducing unnecessary costs and ensuring optimal performance.

ML Ops - Cluster Termination

Terminate clusters effortlessly when they are no longer needed. Whether you’ve completed a task or need to scale down operations, ConverSight simplifies the termination process, preventing unnecessary resource consumption and costs.​

Minimizing the Workload for DevOps

Simplified Cluster Setup
ML Ops - Cluster on Demand

Start Cluster on Demand by Athena​

With ConverSight, there’s no need for the DevOps team to manually initiate your cluster every time a flow or task is executed. By provisioning to Athena, the cluster starts automatically each time, streamlining the process for you.​

ML Ops - Smart Scaling & Automation

Smart Scaling and Allocation​

In ConverSight, memory seamlessly adjusts to your needs, ensuring the perfect fit, while our clusters dynamically allocate resources, effortlessly adapting to the load of your analytics tasks.​

API Deployment In Seconds

Embrace the simplicity of automated API-based deployment, where the need for specialized deployment procedures becomes a thing of the past. ​

ML Ops - Smart Scaling & Automation

Collaborate Effortlessly with Versioning

Discover the capabilities of our platform’s code versioning, effortlessly monitoring code changes over time. Perfect for collaborative development, it streamlines modification management and preserves a transparent history of code evolution.​

ML Ops - Git Integration

Git Integration​

Transform your Git experience with ConverSight Notebook’s seamless functionality. Easily initiate projects, clone repositories, merge branches and take full control of your code with effortless pulls and pushes. ​

ML Ops - Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment Made Easy​

With ConverSight, cloud engineers can breathe easy about deploying their cloud tasks. All you need to do is concentrate on your code and let ConverSight handle the heavy lifting—packing, monitoring, logging  and debugging.​

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