May 15, 2024

The Data Insights Podcast: Darshan Shah, AnalytiXIN

Episode #26 - Darshan Shah, AnalytiXIN

With AnalytixIN, Darshan Shah is bridging the modern data and analytics gap between talent and companies here in Indiana. Along with bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs, software developers, and others, Darshan acts a mentor and leader among Indiana’s tech scene, and is a leading mind in how companies and people can utilize leading data and analytics technologies to better understand their business.

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Top Moments:

0:46: Introduction to Darshan, his background and role at AnalytiXIN

2:00: Darshan’s background in the public and private sectors, work in data and analytics with varying companies

3:56: Darshan’s work with CICP (Central Indiana Corporate Partnership)

19:37: How local and national companies are using data and analytics to their advantage

25:36: How companies and regions are retaining talent from universities

28:42: Collaborative spirit of Indiana and how we foster collaboration across sectors

29:43: Current tech and what excites Darshan about the future of data analytics

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