Wine Distributor Improved Forecasting With Real-Time Insights

See how a mid-size wine distributor increased sales and improved productivity with ConverSight to control revenue erosion and improve forecast accuracy.

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Conversational analytics and insights for empowered Sales team and increased revenue



reduction in unsold accounts



reduction in unsold products



increase in month-to-month revenue



Sales forecast accuracy

Key Outcomes
  • Total report customization with real-time reporting and inventory management.
  • Hours of report creation turned into seconds
  • Removed dependency on IT teams with democratized data access


A mid-size wine distributor had a customer base that was difficult to manage, with each sales person covering 80+ restaurants and retailers. Sales were sporadic resulting in high revenue erosion for many customers. The company needed to bring higher visibility of critical metrics to sales teams including products that were not sampled, customers without sales, and products sold.

The customer was in need of a solution that could manage their diverse customer base and give insights to their Sales team, where sales were few and far between.


ConverSight aided the customer’s Sales team by jumping in and providing visibility across users and teams, including products that were frequently sold together and customers that had not yet made a sale. This resulted in the Sales team feeling empowered to deliver to the right customers at the right time, growing revenue operations and scaling the business with key insights.

Total report customization – With ConverSight, the customer was able to create and customize reports to their liking, displaying key data for users with specific roles. This also helped with inventory management and optimization, driving efforts to sell certain products over others.

Reduced time spent – Previously, the customer had spent hours turning valuable data into reports that could be used by key stakeholders. Now, data is democratized for all; users can create reports within seconds, and obtain key insights.

Less dependency on IT teams – The customer removed their dependency on IT teams to create and manage data. Role-level access is now given to users to see and utilize data.


ConverSight removed barriers between data and teams, allowing the free flow of key information and ideas to drive top-line revenue. Sales teams gained instant insight into products that were not sampled, customers without sales, products sold, margin erosion on old products, and more.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Conversational Analytics: Seamless deployment of ConverSight’s conversational analytics solution on top of the Finale Inventory ERP and CRM system.
  • Proactive Insights: Provided real-time and historical insights through simple natural conversation both in mobile and web interfaces.
  • Personalized Dashboards: Generated personalized dashboards with key metrics and findings, shareable with advanced collaboration features.

With the adoption of ConverSight, distributed teams were able to align, enabling cross functional empowerment, visibility & collaboration.

For more information about how ConverSight can slash inventory costs and reduce stockouts, request a demo today.

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