Nov 25, 2021

Supply Chain Expert Panel Improving Inventory Optimization with Automation

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Today’s manufacturers, distributors, and service providers face rising inventory costs, high customer expectations, and unexpected shifts in demand. To effectively respond to these disruptions, they are turning to advanced analytics and AI tools.

Hear why Fishbowl customers and supply chain experts, Michael Kastning (Director of Integration Services, Thermo Bond Buildings), Cait Bitts (Technical Marketer, MAVPAK Inc.), and Steve Carpenter (Supply Chain & Logistics, Extract Companies) choose’s Smart Employee, Athena, to minimize disruptions, resolve critical issues in real time, fill resource gaps and automatically create the following:

· Streamlined Custom Reports: Component Level, SO/PO Reconciliation, MRP, Inventory, Stockouts, WO Amendments

· Dynamic Demand Planning: Setting Min/Max, Reorder Points, Safety Stock using real-time information on the whole supply chain

· Demand Forecasting: Understand true consumer demand, adjusted to seasonal variability, while maintaining the right level of inventory, at the right place and time.

· Unlimited Dashboards: Customize to Report Level, Department Level, Role Level

· Alerts: Metric Driven insights delivered daily via mobile or email whenever action needs to be taken

· Data Integration (Quickbooks, Salesforce, etc) for End to End visibility · Capacity Planning

· AI Driven Recommended and Automated POs

· AI Driven Customer Sales Order Forms

To learn more about how your organization can employ personalized data storytelling to improve business outcomes, contact [email protected] or request a demo.

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