ConverSight x AJ Manufacturing

See how AJ Manufacturing, a private-label manufacturer in Elmhurst, Illinois, is able to plan production, schedule, and get insight into their data, all with ConverSight’s Unified Analytics platform.

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End-to-end Production Visibility With The Power of Unified Analytics



reduction in hours spent reporting



increase in sales since launch



decrease in operational costs



reduction in backorders


AJ Manufacturing, an exclusive manufacturer of professional mechanics tools was juggling a complex product schedule across thousands of SKUs and raw material pieces.

The company was looking for a solution that could automate the entire process from Excel worksheets, and proactively proactively forecast manufacturing schedules to satisfy demand.


AJ Manufacturing gained end-to-end visibility into their production processes, saving money and preparing their production line for future challenges.

Build Simulation – ConverSight provided Build Simulation storyboards, determining how many units needed to be manufactured and when, based on current inventory and demand.

Materials Resource Planning (MRP) – ConverSight analyzed stock inventory levels, demand forecasts, and work orders to proactively determine when current raw materials will run out, and when to get more.

Build Insights – With 3,000+ products and parts, AJ had non-moving stock on their shelves; ConverSight provided stock insights, showing where their money is so they can work with suppliers to re-negotiate and save money.

Key Outcomes

  • Increased visibility and control over production scheduling.
  • Multiple hours saved on reporting and planning each day.
  • Instant increase in margins and sales.
“People are going to ConverSight to get answers pretty much instantaneously.” Christ Mette, AJ Manufacturing


ConverSight provides companies with complete visibility over supply chains and procurement, giving leaders time and insight to make accurate decisions. ConverSight minimizes disruptions and monitors developments in real time with custom reporting and dashboards.

Since the initial deployment, the customer has gained:

  • Proactive Insights & Visibility: ConverSight provides insights into sales forecasts vs. allocations for improved inventory management and analysis.
  • Automation & Alerts: Seamless deployment of ConverSight’s Conversational Analytics solution to analyze any KPI & get automated alerts on shortages, along with SKUs that can be cross-sold.
  • Collaboration & Sharing: Production and other teams can quickly review information & insights, and share with distributors.

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